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  • Alfred Pain


  • Sabine König

    Kingfisher Suite

  • Paul Draper FIPG

    Nirvana Pattern Ring

  • Michael Driver

    Silver Crane

  • Lexi Dick

    Silver Blade Key Ring

  • Hannah Martin

    Shaman's Triangle Stud Rose

  • Jean Scott-Moncrieff

    Gold Drop Earrings

  • Roger Doyle

    Parasol Necklace

  • Petya Kapralova

    Napkin rings

  • Vicki Ambery-Smith

    Pantheon Brooch

  • David Hensel

    Collar: Millstone

  • Ingo Henn

    Moonstone cabochon ring

  • Fred Rich

    Trout Beaker

  • Ben Gaskell

    A rock crystal tazza

  • Gill Galloway-Whitehead

    Brooch (1)

  • Ray Walton

    Small silver dish

  • De Anna Kiernan

    Dewdrop Cocktail Ring

  • Sarah Pulvertaft

    Undulating Sequin Pendants

  • Andrew Geoghegan

    Platinum Tri Set

  • Christopher Anderson