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The Goldsmiths Company
13 Foster Ln London EC2V 6BN
020 7606 7010
51.515366 -0.096385
  • Roger Elliott

    Diamond bouquet ring

  • Abigail Brown

    'Falling Leaf' Dish

  • Abigail Brown

    'Aphrodite' Bowl

  • Roddy Young

    Brasenose Door Knocker

  • Alfred Pain

    Cylindrical Pepper mills and salt mills

  • Pippa Ramsay Rae

    Harlequin Opal earrings

  • Robinson Pelham

    Ludo Ring

  • Susi Hines

    Armillary Necklace

  • David Mellor

    'Embassy' Cutlery

  • Grant Braithwaite

    'Orchid vase'

  • Louise Parry

    Crossing Time Clock

  • Martyn Pugh

    Interlocking Emerald Ring Set

  • Jane Adam

    Fossil brooch

  • Mikala Djorup

    Freshwater Pearl Eardrops

  • michael birnie

    The Exquisite Marquise Ring

  • Mark Nuell

    Earrings (1)

  • Grant Braithwaite

    Salt Dish and Spoon

  • Daisy Choi

    'Best Before' Silver Egg Brooch

  • Alan Craxford

    Sun Dish

  • Grant Braithwaite

    Christmas Star Decoration