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The Goldsmiths Company
13 Foster Ln London EC2V 6BN
020 7606 7010
51.515366 -0.096385
  • Daphne Krinos

    Caged necklace

  • Robinson Pelham

    Pearshape Rainbow Necklace

  • Alistair McCallum

    Mokume Gane Container

  • Sabine König

    Cocktail Ring

  • Charlotte de Syllas

    Heliodore ring

  • Erica Sharpe

    Honey Bee Dance Ring

  • Islay Spalding

    Biomorph Ring

  • Kevin Coates

    Wolfgang's Starling (Mozart Series)

  • Toye Kenning & Spencer

    Brooch (1)

  • Graham Stewart

    Fish Bowl

  • Annabel Eley

    White gold Quad ring

  • Roger Elliott

    White gold 'Oyster' pendant

  • Louise Mary Muttitt

    Pair of Twisting Leaf Candlesticks

  • Annaloucah Fine Jewellery

    'Cymbal' Ring

  • Kevin Coates

    The Flood Centre-Piece

  • Robinson Pelham

    Gold elephant bangle

  • Jean Scott-Moncrieff

    Gold Drop Earrings

  • Jenny Edge

    Loop Sculpture on Ebony Stand

  • Kate Harrison

    Reflections -reverse

  • Marianne Forrest

    Elegant Oblong - Gold watch