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The Goldsmiths Company
13 Foster Ln London EC2V 6BN
020 7606 7010
51.515366 -0.096385
  • Pippa Ramsay Rae

    Leo Zodiac necklace

  • Maiko Nagayama


  • Hannah Felicity Dunne

    Boulders and Bulbous Shot Cups

  • Anne Farag

    Ryolite window necklace

  • EM_Jewellery

    Silver and 18ct yellow gold ‘maze’ rings

  • Alfred Pain


  • Keith Tyssen

    The Breastplate

  • Jenny Deans

    Right Angle Group

  • Theo Fennell

    Silver and Gilt Summer and Spring Chalice

  • Graham Stewart


  • Melanie Georgacopoulos

    "Twist Necklace"

  • Ulla Hornfeldt

    Lapis Brooch in Silver

  • Ute Decker

    Articulation – neck sculpture (2)

  • Tamar de Vries Winter

    Leaf Bracelet

  • Charlotte de Syllas

    Cacholong Necklace

  • Maria Frantzi

    Bracelet in blue

  • Frances Julie Whitelaw

    Tea Strainer

  • Stuart Devlin

    Peacock Brooch

  • Catherine Hills

    Large Round Earrings with Detachable Snowdrop Studs

  • Julia Lloyd George

    Paraiba Toirmaline and Diamond Ring