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  • Donna Barry

    'Snow Bud Cluster' Brooch

  • Tamar de Vries Winter

    River Spoons

  • Memory Stather

    Jasper and chalcedony rose

  • Anthony Elson

    Two 4-light candelabra, from a set of 4

  • Maiko Nagayama


  • Momoko Kumai


  • Michael Driver

    Chichester Theatre

  • Wally Gilbert

    Oakleaf Necklace

  • Wally Gilbert

    Two Goblets and Pendant

  • Robinson Pelham

    Gold elephant bangle

  • Momoko Kumai


  • Jane Sarginson

    Bracelet & Ring

  • Charles Hall M.Des RCA

    Warden's staff

  • Modica Jewellery

    Sino Pendant

  • Sarah Letts

    Brooch with Diamond

  • Allan Christensen

    Yellow Gold Brooch

  • Joan MacKarell

    Ancient Rock Necklace

  • Memory Stather

    Agate, black jade and moonstone necklace

  • Theo Fennell

    Man of War Model Ship

  • Adrian Ashley

    Silver Pocket Piece