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The Goldsmiths Company
13 Foster Ln London EC2V 6BN
020 7606 7010
51.515366 -0.096385
  • Jan and Tom Wightman

    Blue Opal and Diamond pendant

  • Zethraeus Janice

    Ruby Frond Earrings

  • Hambling & Trebble Ltd


  • Maria Spanou

    Folds Brooch

  • Phil Barnes

    Silver and enamel dish

  • David Marshall

    Wish List

  • Melina Clark

    Life Force Spiral

  • Lexi Dick

    Leopard Bowl

  • Sidsel Dorph-Jensen

    Napkin Ring

  • James Brent Ward

    Shot Cups

  • Siân Matthews


  • Michael McCrory

    Prickly Pear Condiment Set

  • Catherine Hills

    Textured Sweetie Bracelet

  • Jane Macintosh

    Onyx and tourmaline necklace

  • Alison Bradley

    A row of Tahitian Pearls

  • Philip Kydd

    Silver Card Case

  • Tamar de Vries Winter


  • Keith Redfern

    Silver Gilt Wine Cup

  • Sarah King

    Resin necklace

  • Martin Baker

    Silver Coffee Bean Jar