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The Goldsmiths Company
13 Foster Ln London EC2V 6BN
020 7606 7010
51.515366 -0.096385
  • Elizabeth Gage

    ‘The Star of Avebury’

  • Jane Adam

    Folded Leaf Necklace

  • Fran Barker

    Peacock Ring (1)

  • stephen wilkinson


  • Sarah Madsen

    Silver and 18ct Tourmaline Ring

  • Melina Clark


  • Liana Pattihis

    Shades of Black Trace Chain Necklace 01 (Detail)

  • Simon Pattison

    Rocking Bowls & Spoons

  • Ornella Iannuzzi

    Cruise on the Lake Tana

  • Jacks Turner

    Cups Wedding and Engagement Rings

  • Fox Silver Ltd.

    Covered silver bowl

  • Kyosun Jung


  • Leo de Vroomen

    Repousse Brooch Set with Opal

  • Louise Parry

    Wedding and Engagement Ring

  • Sally Lees

    Roses bar cufflinks

  • Fiona De Marco

    Symphony Precious stud earrings 2007

  • Michael Driver

    Curvilinear Open Salts

  • Cathy Stephens


  • Juliette Bigley

    Conversational Vessels: Rocking Carafes

  • Sandra Murray

    Persephone Pendant